Metro Closures. There is no service south of National Airport until October 22, to allow track construction for the new Potomac Yard station; additionally, until spring 2023, there is no Yellow Line service across the bridge between Pentagon and L’Enfant Plaza. For more information about the closures and alternative bus/rail/other services, please visit https://www.alexandriava.gov/public-transportation/2022-2023-metrorail-impacts.

2022 General Election. On November 8, There will be an election in Alexandria for the U.S House of Representatives; The choices are Democrat Donald Beyer, Republican Karina Lipsman, and Independent Teddy Fikre. For information about absentee and early voting, please visit https://www.alexandriava.gov/Elections.

PELT Committee. Five neighbors recently volunteered to establish the the RCA Planning, Environment, Land-Use, and Transportation Committee to monitor and engage the City regarding issues of importance to Rosemont, such as stormwater and transportation projects. Attached please find a summary of its agenda and mission; if you would like to also become involved, please let us know.

Keeping Informed. We try to provide regular updates on local news, Rosemont history, and general happenings in the neighborhood and Alexandria via our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/RosemontCitizensAssociation) and general resources on our web page (http://rosemontcitizensassoc.org). The independent community email list can be accessed at https://groups.io/g/rosemontva.

Membership. Please renew (http://rosemontcitizensassoc.org/join/)!

Jol Silversmith
President, RCA

Letter to RCA Members – 09 30 22

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