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The following information may be useful for both long-time residents and newcomers to the neighborhood:

Community Email List

Members of our community maintain an email list as a way for Rosemont residents “to meet neighbors, exchange news, share advice about goods and services, and find out what’s happening in our community.”  To join the list, please visit

Schools and Parks

The Rosemont neighborhood includes an elementary school and several parks:

(For a brief history of Hooff’s Run, see  For a 2006 study of proposed improvements along Hooff’s Run and Commonwealth Avenue, see  For practical information about the Hooff’s Run floodplain and flood insurance issues, see

Houses of Worship

The Rosemont neighborhood includes a number of religious institutions:


Although the Rosemont neighborhood is primarily residential, we welcome and support businesses such as:

Other Rosemont Resources:

Alexandria Government:

Alexandria News Sources:


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