RCA Membership

All individuals residing or owning property within the boundaries of the Rosemont Citizens Association boundaries (map) are considered to be members of and are represented by the Association.

Generally, the boundaries of the association are:

  • Starting at the corner of Commonwealth Avenue and King Street at the Hilton Old Town, northwest along the east side of King Street to the south side of Ivy Hill Cemetery.
  • Northeast along the south side of Ruffner Road to the corner of West Braddock Road and southeast along the west side of West Braddock Road to West Alexandria Avenue.
  • East along the south side of East Alexandria Avenue to Mount Vernon Avenue.
  • South along the west side of Mount Vernon Avenue to West Braddock Road.
  • East along south side of West Braddock Road to railroad tracks.
  • Going south along west side of railroad tracks to Commonwealth Avenue.
  • South along west side of Commonwealth Avenue to King Street at the Hilton Old Town.

There are no annual dues, but contributions are welcome.

Please donate to Rosemont Citizens Association online via credit card or PayPal:


Or donate by check made out to “Rosemont Citizens Association”; simply print and fill out this form and mail it together with your check Attn: Dina-Maria Deringer, RCA Treasurer, PO Box 2873, Alexandria, VA  22301.

The RCA does not share its email list with any individuals or businesses.

Thank you for your interest and support.

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