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Next RCA Meeting. Please mark your calendar to join us on Thursday, March 21 at 7pm at the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, 100 West Luray Avenue.

Arena Update. Although a bill providing necessary state authorization for the project was passed by the state House of Delegates earlier this month, the issue has stalled in the state Senate; the legislative session is scheduled to end on March 9. The City also currently has two further information sessions scheduled on March 2 and March 6. See https://www.alexandriava.gov/EntertainmentDistrict. We expect that the PELT committee will provide an update at the meeting.

Presidential Primaries: The Virginia primaries will be held on March 5; early voting is available through March 2. For more information, please visit https://www.alexandriava.gov/Elections.

Keeping Informed. We try to provide regular updates on local news, Rosemont history, and general happenings in the neighborhood and Alexandria via our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/RosemontCitizensAssociation), Threads (https://www.threads.net/@rosemontcitizens), and Twitter/X (https://twitter.com/RosemontCitizen). General resources also can be found on our web page (http://rosemontcitizensassoc.org). The independent community email list can be accessed at https://groups.io/g/rosemontva.

Jol Silversmith
President, RCA

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