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Rosemont Citizens Association is a 100% volunteer-run organization working to promote the interests and welfare of its members. Everyone who resides or owns in Rosemont is automatically a member; we rely on contributions from citizen like you to sustain our mission and operations. Contributions to RCA, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization, are not tax deductible.


Meeting Report

Thanks to all who attended our March 21 meeting, which included:

  • Introduction of Sgt. Michele Garcia, our new police liaison
  • Presentation on trees and the tree canopy in the City by Phil Hubert, the City’s new Urban Forestry manager
  • Presentation by Sylvia Alimena about the challenge to the revised City zoning rules that has been filed by the Coalition for a Livable Alexandria
  • PELT report about infrastructure issues. Download the PPT. In regard to infrastructure, one notable update is that micro-trenching by Ting has been suspended until at least late summer.

Arena Update

Since the RCA meeting, the City has announced that the arena project will not proceed. See the News Announcement Here.

At the meeting, the following resolution was adopted about the sense of those in attendance (with the plan to convene a further meeting to discuss the issues in greater detail, which is now unnecessary):


That those in attendance at the March 21, 2024, meeting of the Rosemont Citizens Association oppose the creation of the proposed Monumental professional sports and entertainment complex in Potomac Yard for the following reasons, among others:

  • Alexandria should not incur the financial risk of this project.
  • Alexandria should not incur the direct expense to support this project.
  • Alexandria should not risk the potential traffic problems this project would create.
  • Alexandria should not risk the environmental damage this project may cause.
  • Alexandria should not risk the significant additional long-term costs for public services such as policing, fire protection, and parking regulation.

Also, for the results of a Rosemont-specific survey about the arena (part of larger survey organized by the Del Ray Citizens Association in February), please visit the RCA website.

Keeping Informed

We  provide regular updates on local news, Rosemont history, and general happenings in the neighborhood.

Jol Silversmith

President, RCA



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