Traffic Issues. We are planning to hold a meeting in February (exact date TBD) to discuss traffic concerns, based on recent online discussions about Russell Road and other issues. If you have specific items that you would like to be on the agenda, please let us know.

Christmas Tree Collection. Christmas tree can be recycled curbside, at the regular yard waste collection point. Trees will be ground into mulch and made available to residents in the spring.

Rosemont Email List. The Rosemont email list has moved from Yahoo Groups to a new host (https://groups.io/g/rosemontva). If you have already been a subscriber, your subscription should have been moved automatically. The RCA helped with the move but the list is intended to be run separately – if you would like to be a moderator, please let us know.

Keeping Informed. We try to provide regular updates on local news, Rosemont history, and general happenings in the neighborhood and Alexandria via our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/RosemontCitizensAssociation).

Membership. Please renew (http://rosemontcitizensassoc.org/join/)!

Jol Silversmith

President, RCA

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