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Rosemont Historic Plaque Installed (October 2014)

This picture is of our new plaque commemorating the Rosemont Historic District.  If you have not seen it, it is in the garden space on the northwest corner of Rosemont  Avenue and Commonwealth Avenue. Standing next to the stone are Ann and Greg Taylor.  Ann is the godmother of our historic district.  She is the one responsible for its creation.  She and Greg used to live in Rosemont but are now living in Charlottesville.  Anne Shine, a neighbor, is the one responsible for getting the ball rolling on having the monument.  Pamela Underhill, a former neighbor designed the stone and Mr. Rugo of Rugo Stone, also a former neighbor, donated the stone.  RCA was one of the contributors for the fabrication and installation.

Many members have indicated on your membership applications that you have an interest in finding out more about our Rosemont history.  If you are interested in organizing a committee to help with research (e.g., how the streets in Rosemont got their names and why some streets’ names have changed; early development in Rosemont; interviewing neighbors who have lived here since they were children), please contact marguerite@turcopolier.com.

Rosemont Plaque - October 2014


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