Our next meeting will be at 7:30pm on Thursday, September 26 at the Commonwealth Baptist Church (700 Commonwealth Avenue).

We will be joined, first, by Eileen Bradley of the Alexandria Film Festival, to acquaint us with their 13th annual event, scheduled for Veterans’ Day weekend (November 7-10); one of the films is by Casey Wilson, an actress who grew up in Rosemont (who appeared on Saturday Night Live in 2008-09, among other roles).

We also will be joined by Ian Sterne, the Emergency Preparedness Manager for Volunteer Alexandria, to discuss how to prepare for disasters (September is National Preparedness Month); as seen over the summer, parts of Rosemont are at risk of flooding by Hooff’s Run, in addition to other risks such as hurricanes.

Finally, we will be joined by Brian Rahal, a City Engineer who has spoken to us previously about Hooff’s Run – but last did so before the July flooding.  Low-interest loans are available to repair damage from the flooding, but the deadline for applications is rapidly approaching.

We hope to see you there!

Jol Silversmith

President, RCA

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